Saturday, June 29, 2013

Changes in plans...

Okay, I had to do a little changes in my plans, because I'm back at home and guess what, FINALLY MY DRAMAS ARE HERE!!!  To the beautiful you, Coffee Prince and Boys over flowers. Ahhhh... I'm so happy, I have waited so long and they are finally here... And now I have to order some other things from Internet, probably from Kpopmart, KpopTown or Amazon UK... I found these COOL SHINee poker playing cards. Here are photos of the covers of the dramas...

Ok and now I will start with ONEW! <3  Ahhh, He is my biggest love... I think that if you are Kpop fan you know Onew, but if you aren't I will now tell you who he is... Ok. Let's start.

Stage name: Onew
Real name: Lee Jinki
He was born in December 14th 1989 
He is 177 cm and 60 kg.  He is a leader of a group called SHINee. And He's the oldest of them. Onew loves CHICKEN and there are lot's of macros of that and of course you can see it in reality... 
 Hahaha sorry about that! : D 

As I was saying... Onew is really handsome, funny, cute and all!! He is a perfect man! My opinion, of course  you can think what ever you want. : D But just look at this!!!!

He has been in two musical theaters ; Brothers were Brave (2010) and Rock of Ages (2010). He has been in three dramas and he is making two in this year..  
Rock of Ages (2010)

I will stop from today so bye!!


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