Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cleaning my room and My new home made MVP Necklace :D

Siivosin oman huoneeni katosta lattiaan asti ja olihan siinä hommaa... Kun ei oo noita ikkunoita ja peilejä vähään aikaan pessyt niin ne pesin samalla, Järjestin kaapit uudelleen, pyyhin pälyt ja tyhjensin kaikki ylimääräiset mitä en enää tarvii nii mun pöydältä pois. 

I cleaned my room and that was quite a job. I haven't wash the windows and mirrors in a very long time so I  washed them at the same time. I also organized my closets, wiped the dust and threw all the things what I don't need anymore away...

Tein tänää tälläsen hienon MVP korun, tai no hieno ja hieno, Ite tykkään!!  Forever MVP

I made today this pretty MVP nacklace, or pretty and pretty, I LOVE IT!!! FOREVER MVP!!!! <3 

Ja nyt aattelin esitellä mun oma tekemät tyynyliinat....  Khihihi <3

Here are the pillowcases I made myself... Khiihih <3
But I'm using these only as decorative pillows..

As everybody can see, it says SHINee (샤이니) .  This was the first one I made. It was pretty easy and simple to make. 

You can't probably see, it says Saranghae (사랑해)  = I love you. I like this pillowcase the most and it was hardest to do.

And last but not least. This was an extra.There is a zipper on the side and  it was made from eight different peaces. 

These were my Korea Inspirited pillowcases and I hope you liked them!

And here is a pic of me from today and some other funny pics I found! And now I'm going to Tumblr again!
Can you see the necklace? : D

Just read it, the end of is funny! Cx 
True story bro!
Hahaah! Cx

This is just a "joke"! Don't get angry to me! 


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