Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making a list of My Biases! : D

Anteeksi tää on tänään vaan enkuks...

All I have been doing these two days is cleaning the house of ours. Our party is on Sunday and we aren't ready yet! the House is a mess!!!

I was making a List of my biases today and there was 13 men in the list. : D I took a lot time for me to think who is going to be in there! Here is the pic of the list! It's not that good looking that I tough that it would be... : D 
Hahah. Of course Jinki is 1st and Jonghyun 2nd!! I will list it here and put a group where he belongs to..
1. Jinki -SHINee
2. Jonghyun  -SHinee
3. Taemin -SHINee
4. Seungho -MBLAQ
5. Minho -SHINee
6.Key -SHINee
7. T.O.P -Big Bang
8. Kai -Exo-K
9. Donghae -Super Junior
10. Zelo -B.A.P
11. Joon -MBLAq
12. Lee Hyun Woo
13. Lee Minho

My mom bought me these CUTE shorts! I'm wearing them now. First I thought that these were men's boxers. There was a shirt that looked just like SHINee JJong's and Key's couple shirts!

I bought today these cute stamps that I can send some people in postcross, Now I'm Sending Cards in Taiwan, Belarus and Ukraine. How cool is that..? C :

Now I have my cross an it's pretty small but beautiful.. I don't know is it white gold of silver...

Now I'm going to look some cute pictures of my Jinki to Tumblr and after that I'm going to sleep... BUT STILL CAN'T STOP LISTENIG ONEW'S TOAST SONG!! HOW CUTEE!  : 3 

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  1. Omg, I love Onew's toast song! He's so adorable! And that sticker set you got is really cute!!!