Saturday, December 7, 2013


Today's second meal.. cx I just got chocolate hungry while waiting the meeting to begun...
I'm going to Kamppi by metro, because I was too lazy to walk.. Cx
I hound my self at the tokyokan! I love this shop so much! If you are just wondering around at Helsinki,you should visit this place! It's sells everything related to Japanese food, (Like you didn't figure it out by the name..)
Some french candies....
Kamppi's X-Mas lights! They have every year the same lights! I get bored to those! 
Bubble Tea again!! Nom Nom!! <3_<3 
Place for Onew to eat. Fried Chicken restaurant! I want to go there!
At japanese restaurant with the people that came for the meeting! Kpop meeting! 
Sushi!! <3
My Friends!! I can see that they wanted me to take the pic.. D :
5th floor at Kamppi, we went there just to hang out...
Still at the 5th floor... Some people I don't know, I just met them! : D
And here is what I bought today! Pockyy!!! Nom Nom! Too bad that I already drank all the soda and ate all pockys! D : I want more pockys!!! 

I had so much fun at the meeting, I got to know some really funny and nice people! Thanx so much to all those who were at the meeting with us! I hope I get to see you guys soon!!! 


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