Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in collages

♥  My year started my year with MAMA ♥   I spend lots of time with my cousin and aunt ♥ I learned to use my phone! 
Comebacks I enjoyed at January:
♥ I spent a lot of time taking pics with my phone. ♥ I took my first and last selca with my Mom. ♥ I also went to see Sunrise Avenue. ♥ And I was skiing with Anna.
Comebacks I enjoyed at February:
♥ I had a week long vacation with my sister at Levi. :3 ♥ Anni had confirmation ♥ We had puppies, they were so cute!! :3 ♥ And we were skiing again with Anna.
Comeback I enjoyed at March:

♥ We made a tower of all the movies that Anni owns. ♥ At birthday I went to see a movie and my mom and sister made that RM cake. ♥ Had fun with Anna at tiimari? :S
Comebacks I enjoyed at April:

♥ First time going to school I think I looked like a girl! ♥ I bought pretty rose to my room. ♥ We were at Linnanmäki! I had so much fun! ♥ Oona took a pic of herself with my phone at chemistry class.
Comebacks I enjoyed at May:

♥ My sister graduate and I had confirmation.  I spent my whole vacation at our summer cottage.   My hair burned and I lost almost all my hair. :(  Midsummer! 
Comebacks I enjoyed at June:
♥ I spent my summer at Puumala. ♥ I dyed all my to red, I got bored to red and 'blue' hair. ♥ I got Eyelash Extensions, I was not happy! :'( ♥ I was with my lovely friends, we watched all night kdramas.
Comebacks I enjoyed at July:
♥ We were camping! ♥ I ordered SHINee's new albums then... ♥ weird spaghetti ♥ EXO at madagasgar ♥ I alse ate picnic at parking hall.. sad..: ( 
Comebacks I enjoyed at August:
♥ I went to see Spain vs. Finland MM football game with Roosa. ♥ I had lots of fun with Oona at chemistry classes. ♥ Walking with Anna at ''forest'' and at swing.  
Comebacks I enjoyed at September:

♥ I met Eve! <3 ♥ KDC ♥ My very first boba! ♥SHINee EVERYBODY!!!! <3 *.* ♥ Halloween
Comebacks I enjoyed at October:

♥ I had to plant plants... D : ♥ I went to a movie alone. ♥ We made a car cake to our brother's birthday.
Comebacks I enjoyed at November:
♥ We had Finland's independence day prom.   Snow. <3   EXO pancakes. yam!   Last chemistry class ever. I'm gonna miss that!   Shopping with my sister and aunt. 
Comebacks I enjoyed at December:


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