Wednesday, April 9, 2014


No Fucking Way! It's Jonghyun's Birthday! And what a perfect way to celebrate it: Write my blog about him! Wuhuu Finally! I have really been waiting this! 

Happy birthday to the man who brought me to this fandom. I really can't forget the day when I saw him! That day my life changed! In positive way! I entered the door to best time of my life, I won't lie.... This man was the first Kpop idol to support gays but because of that some ''old fans'' wanted him out of this group! Arrgghh!! Anyway! This man have amazing voice and high notes, I can't get enough of it! These is one song that I keep listening everyday just because it's ballad and who else than Jonghyun is singing it! Can you guess it? SHINee - Y Si Fuera Ella(why is it SHINee, Why can't it be SHInee Jonghyun....)... This man has really talent at singing, not everybody can sing like that, he even got the honor to song the high note at Gayo Daejeon's Friendship project - You are a Miracle. More than a 50 singers and he got it! Wow! Then what else? Actually he is a real weirdo! Have you actually seen him! How he behaves and stuff.. He is like walking comedian... I seriously can't believe that this man is 24 today! 
I hope he will stay healthy and never quit being a singer and DJ! Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun!!!

I know it was yesterday but I have time now...

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