Thursday, October 16, 2014


So I gotta pretend that I'm not gonna miss you

No, definitely not my thing. It's been a week since the news about Luhan leaving EXO came. I'm not actually surprised at all ya know, because I was actually waiting it that someone would leaving EXO because of course Kris wouldn't be only one leaving. And because of Luhan being sick and not attending the concert and all... it was kinda expected. But that doesn't change the fact that I feel really sad. I'm 1000% sure I will miss him. But I can't do anything than just miss and be one of those fans who supports him no matter what. For me EXO will always be 12, We are one! Oh I gotta add something, I'm 98% sure that Luhan and Kris won't be the only one to leave, we still have two Chinese members in the group.. Anyway this Luhan and Kris leaving thing was already at the Wolf drama ver MV.....
Let's all hope that Luhan will be happy and healthy!!! Anyway, love you Luhan! <3

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